I drew & painted my outside window with a fine-liner pen!

Quite a while ago, I developed a strategy – which is almost definitely not my original idea – where I get a fine-liner pen, do a drawing with it, then paint it with watercolours.

Before I started using watercolours, I used to paint with acrylics. Nowadays, I hardly ever use acrylics – I do like them, but the disadvantage is that I end up spending way more time setting it up than I do with watercolours.

Anyway, I started this piece of artwork by just drawing the individual houses with the fine-liner pen. At first, I had no intention to paint it later on. But, once I had finished it, I decided that it would be a missed opportunity not to paint it!

In the end, I was quite surprised at how well it turned out. Thanks for reading, please comment down below what you think of it!

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