The Web Design For My New Open Source Project!

You may have read my last post, where I talked about my new, open source project! Here is a quick description if you haven’t seen the last post:

A website used for designing, organising and planning software projects - aimed at software developers and programmers - allowing the user to easily and painlessly plan, design, organise and prioritize the creation of software so that they can relax, and begin to focus on the actual programming part of the project.

Here is a link if you wanted to check it out:

Anyway, so since the last post, I have created several different designs for the project, and here they are. The project has slightly changed and evolved since these designs, and I have removed the homepage entirely!

The style guide was the first think I did. I have found that it makes a big difference whether you have a style guide or not – I think that I will change the style guide at some point, but for now it’s good enough.

Thanks for reading, bye for now!

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