A drawing of Bilbo Baggins!

This is another drawing I did – it is of Bilbo Baggins in the live action hobbit movies. Here are some of the things I do and don’t like about it:

Things I do like about it:

  • The wrinkles around the mouth, under the eyes and on the forehead are better than I expected – I usually find it quite hard to draw wrinkles
  • The coat looks quite good, I find it quite an enjoyable part of drawing portraits.
  • The eyes look very good in my opinion!
  • The proportions, etc are better than I expected and it looks like it could be a real face!

Things to improve about it:

  • The wrinkles are good, but a bit more prominent and exaggerated than they are in the photo I was working from.
  • The shading in the neck is too dark, it looks like it is part of his coat!
  • The hair is good, but it doesn’t look as curly as a wanted it to be.
  • The likeness isn’t quite the same – I still can’t work out what it is!

Overall, I am happy with it and enjoyed drawing it very much!

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