Some EXTREME graphic design trial & error!

So I was wondering what graphic design to do, when I decided to invent an imaginary place and make a leaflet of an imaginary Indian restaurant in the imaginary place!

I didn’t think it far enough through to think of a name for the restaurant, but that doesn’t really matter and names aren’t my strong point! Anyway here was how I created it:

  1. As always I started with a file on Google Docs outlining what the leaflet was about, what the goals were, what sort of style & theme it was, etc.
  2. Then I opened up my sketchbook and began designing some templates and wireframes.
  3. Once I had finished that, I went onto and created a digital wireframe version of the drawings.
  4. The next step was to create a style guide.
  5. Then, lastly, I created a final version of the leaflet with the help of the style guide.

I was nearly finished the design, when I realised that one of the background elements didn’t look right, The colours of the headings and the background were to similar, and clashed with each other.

After probably a whole day’s work, I realised that I didn’t even need that element in the first place! That is probably a slightly understated graphic design fundamental:

Remove an element, and if it doesn’t look any worse without it, don’t put it in!

Thank you for reading, bye for now!

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