Some “Real Art” of My Other Lounge

So first I would like to say that by “Real Art”, I am talking about drawing, painting, oil pastels, etc, – instead of the Graphic and Web Design stuff that I have been doing for the last week or two! Graphic Design and Web Design is definitely still art, but when I think of art, I normally think of more traditional art (drawing, painting, etc).

Anyway, so I decided to do a drawing (with my fine-liner pen) of my OTHER lounge (a few months ago I did a painting of my lounge, but this time I drew my OTHER lounge in the opposite corner of the house. BTW, why am I capitalising “OTHER” so much???).

I started by lightly sketching it, then going over it with a fine-liner pen. Then, I had the idea of colouring it with some oil pastels! The reason I thought this was probably related to the fact that I hardly ever actually use my oil pastels. However, I think that it might have been better if I had just left it exactly how it was, and not used the pastels – oh well, nevermind!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post and would also like to see more content about drawing, painting, graphic design, web design, and maybe even 3d art, then you might want to follow me!

Anyway, bye for now!

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