A New Type Of Blog Post – UX Design!

So in the past year or so, I have been interested in Web Design and Front-End Web Development. I recently decided to do some UX Designing!

If you haven’t heard of UX Design before, it stands for “User-Experience Design.” In a website, or an app, or basically any piece of software, the part that the user sees – also called the Front-End part of the software – needs to be designed and planned. UX Is about how easy software is to navigate, how does the User Interface appeal to the user, etc.

Anyway, I started on paper, and quickly jotted down some ideas for what the project could be about, and what things it could do. I ended up with an idea of designing a solar-system app for mobile, which could tell you about the solar system, allow you to by official merchandise from NASA, give you information about astronauts who have visited space, etc.

Then, I designed it on paper. Admittedly, it just looks like a mess of lines, and shading, but it was very influential in allowing me to decided what I wanted to put in the final diagram. To be honest, I think part of the reason it looks to messy is because I did it on lined paper.

Then, I decided that I needed to do it on some sort of digital format. I have used a website called Figma.com in the past, and I decided that that was the tool to use. I have nearly finished it (all I have left is the part where you can play puzzles, but I might not put that in because I am not sure exactly how to do it in Figma.com) and you can view it with this link:


Anyway, you have come to the end of this post! Before you finish off your browser session, and then close down your computer (or mobile device) and continue the rest of your day, I would like to quickly mention that if things like watercolour painting, drawing, etc appeals to you then please consider following me! I do blog posts about that sort of thing, and even digital art so if that’s something you like, please feel free to go ahead and follow me!

Anyway, bye for now…

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