A challenging piece of artwork #3 – Digital Artwork of a dragon!

When we (my brother and I) were younger we often bought little models of knights, lions, tigers, and, of course, dragons. (I have put a few of them on my desk now)

Anyway, this morning, I felt like doing some art. I was wondering what to do and I decided to draw one of them! I used an app on my iPhone called “Adobe Illustrator Draw Mobile.” It’s a free app that anyone can download if they have an iPhone (I think there probably is an Android version but I don’t have an android phone so I am not sure)

Needless to say, it’s quite hard to do digital art with the phone I have now for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s an iPhone 5, which only runs IOS 10 so you often can’t run the latest apps. Secondly, being an iPhone 5, it has quite a small screen-size. 4 Inches to be precise!

Anyway I started by taking a comfortable seat in my lounge, and putting the dragon on the armchair. I used quite a few layers for the drawing. One for the background, middle ground and foreground, Several for the outlines and details, one for the shadows, one for the mid-tones and one for the highlights.

The main challenge that I set myself when I was doing this, was to try and bring out the texture in the plastic model. I think I have done that fairly well, but not quite as well as I would have imagined – I did find it quite hard to do so.

So if you enjoyed this post, and would like to see more like this, then you may want to follow me! I do posts about drawing, painting, and digital art so if you are interested in that sort of thing, please consider it.

Thanks for reading, bye for now!

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