Digital Art Again!

So you might remember that a while ago (a few months ago) I did a post about digital art. I used some free software called GIMP to create a mushroom from Super Mario Bros!

I haven’t done a post like that about digital art since then, and I thought I’d try it again!

So I installed adobe draw on my phone, (as well as a load of other free adobe apps that are for mobile) and started using it!

In the end, I decided to draw what I think is called a “Flat Landscape.” Here it is:

I think I probably made the black lines too thick, and I probably don’t even need them. There are a few other things that definitely need some improvement over time, but apart from that, it’s not too bad!

Of course this is my first time using Adobe draw, so I do need to get used to the software a bit.

Do you like it? If you do, you might want to look at some of the other stuff that I’ve done, you never know, you might like it! I mostly do drawings and paintings, and I might start to do more in the realm of digital art! (I’m not quite sure yet)

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